Santa Claus dives into hot climate issue in Paris aquarium


A diver dressed as Santa Claus swims with fishes at the Aquarium of Paris, France, December 4, 2019. REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes

PARIS (Reuters) – In a change of scene, Santa Claus is donning flippers and a diving mask along with his traditional red-and-white outfit to scuba dive in a Paris aquarium as he teaches kids about global warming and climate issues during the festive season.


The aquatic Santa, a professional diver and biologist, may be found swimming among the fish and even a zebra shark every day during the holiday weeks.

The show is part of the aquarium’s activities aimed at educating children about environmental issues including global warming, loss of biodiversity and extreme weather as a result of climate change.

“Children are the future,” said Alexandre Dalloni, one of the aquarium’s scientists. “The planet is also here for children to inherit, so it’s those of a very young age which we can teach … to tell them that everyone is responsible for preserving the planet for the future.”

Dalloni added that swimming with the shark was safe for Santa.

“The shark is an animal which isn’t going to attack a human for no reason. There are attacks, but they’re accidental,” he told Reuters.

Assuming all remains peaceful in the tank, scuba-diving Santa will be in residence until Jan. 5.

Reporting by Kathryn Carlson; Writing by Kathryn Carlson and Dominique Vidalon; Editing by Bernadette Baum

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