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BONGAWAN: A senior UPKO Supreme Council member is puzzled as to how Datuk Seri Panglima Anifah Aman could stoop so low in the ongoing Kimanis by-election campaign.

“He is a seasoned politician, he was a minister in the previous administration, he is from Kimanis itself and yet he spoke as if he was born only yesterday.


“He was a respected person but he showed his true colour in the on going campaign. Was he hysterical? Oh my, he lost his mind or what?” asked Albert Bingkasan.

The UPKO information chief described Anifah’s outcry as “unbecoming” considering he was a former Kimanis Member of Parliament and Malaysian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

“I did not expected a person with such background, to stoop so low, if he was quoted correctly as published, that is. He could not have forgotten already that the foreign illegal issue had started over 40 years ago?

“His own brother, the then Chief Minister Tan Sri Musa Aman was in the thick of action, and of course their party UMNO. Strange, he is now singing a totally different tune, as if the issue cropped up only after the 14th general elections in May 2018,” he stressed.

Bingkasan said, Anifah should be more responsible in his statement rather than making wild accusation about the fiction of Sabah Temporary Pass being a legal document supporting giving citizenship to these refugees.

“If he says that he wants to tell his children that my president Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Madius Tangau is responsible for the STP, then he should tell his children also that their uncle is also responsible for proposing the STP,” he said.

“If he wants to set a good example to our children and to the future generations then he should lead by example of telling the true facts of things and not creating ill feelings towards other people or leaders.

“Remember our children will know the truth sooner or later and he should be ashamed once the truth came out and shows that he is not as sincere and as truthful a leader as he claimed to be,” Bingkasan said.

Three days ago, Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Mohd Shafie Hj Apdal showed to the press minutes of two committees on illegal immigrants chaired by the then Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan and Musa.

Pairin in 2016 chaired the technical committee and approve the issuance of STP or what they called then Pas Residen Sabah (PRESS), which was then approved by the main committee jointly chaired by Musa and then Home Affairs Minister Dato Sri Zahid Hanisa also in 2016.

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